Velvet Wells in a blue shirt on stage by a mic stand against a black backdrop, holding a microphone and cord in his hands

Personal Demon Hunter

Victoria Fringe

Personal Demon Hunter is an exploration and confrontation of anxiety through a mixture of storytelling, original music, stand-up and improvised comedy. It is a cabaret which contains moments of good-natured audience interaction. Velvet Duke will use every tool in his arsenal to vanquish demons for good, including turning to you, his fans.

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Velvet Wells
Named for his smooth baritone voice, Velvet Wells is a queer black male entertainer who regularly graces many of Toronto’s stages in collaborative productions and solo stand-up acts. He is the co-founder of The Dandies and creator/producer of their long-running Holodeck Follies, an improvised Star Trek show. Velvet is also the creator of INTERSECTION, a diversity themed storytelling show, and OverDude, the improvised rock duo.