Still from "Vision Portraits" - a close up silhouette of a person's forehead, eyelashes and nose against a background of blurred red, orange and white lights

Vision Portraits

Inside Out 2019

What happens when visually impaired artists work in visual media? Vision Portraits introduces us to several artists who navigate that formidable challenge.

Rodney Evans, director of queer classic, Brother to Brother, is slowly losing his vision and questioning what this will mean for his creative output. His soul-searching leads him to other artists (a photographer, a dancer and a writer) who are legally blind or visually impaired.Evans is eager to understand how they handle the constraints of creating work in traditionally visual media. What results is a quiet yet powerfully personal film where all four artists work through questions and answers about their identity, art, and vision.

Vision Portraits introduces us to fascinating artists who confront their disability and create art imbued with a unique perspective on the world.

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