A white poodle standing on a rocky shoreline. The poodle's fur has been sculpted into shapeds and dyed with multiple bright colours

Well Groomed

Hot Docs Film Festival

Move over, Westminster Kennel, there’s a more colourful dog show in town! Creative dog grooming involves dyeing and sculpting dog fur into kaleidoscopic hues and gravity-defying shapes. Transforming an average poodle into the entire dinosaur cast of Jurassic Park, for instance, takes vision and a heck of a lot of hair spray. To make it in the competitive circuit, however, creative groomers have to amp up their ideas. Filmmaker Rebecca Stern follows four competitors and their trusty four-legged canvases as they express their artistry at regional events across the United States, all the way to one final glory-making show. This study of an unexplored medium also captures a rather inspiring and unmistakably female dynamic at work; here, camaraderie and mutual support trump any whiff of dog-eat-dog antics. From jaw-dropping styles to outrageous cuteness, this playful look at creative expression will leave you howling for more.

More information and tickets

THU, APR 25, 8:00 PM (closed captions, audio description)
TIFF Bell Lightbox 1, 350 King Street West

FRI, APR 26, 12:45 PM (closed captions)
Isabel Bader Theatre, 93 Charles Street West

SAT, MAY 4, 10:15 AM (open captions, audio description)
Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema, 506 Bloor Street West