A person sit in a dimly lit space, illuminated by blueish light

Xiao Mei

Rendezvous With Madness Festival

“A film about the tormenting presence of absence. A young shop girl named Xiao Mei suddenly vanishes from her usual existence, without explanation or trace. Has she dissolved, or perhaps redeemed herself somehow? Nine people from her immediate surroundings try to fill the empty space left behind by this supposedly insignificant young woman.Film, like no other artistic medium, is able to visualise the effect that subjective perception has on memory. Brilliantly juggling elements of film noir, suspense and whodunnit, director Maren Hwang’s sophisticated film explores the riddle of identity and how we interpret the world and our fellow human beings as well as how what are generally believed to be ‘objective reality’ and ‘truth’ are constructed.” – Berlin International Film Festival, 2018

There will be a discussion following the screening. 95 minutes. North American premiere.

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