Still from "Zen in the Ice Rift" - a hockey player in a black jersey with "Hockey Fanano" in white

Zen in the Ice Rift

Inside Out 2019

Zen is a rowdy 16-year-old living in a small village on top of the Italian Apennines. Despite being a rising star on the local hockey team, they can’t seem to connect with anyone.

The only time Zen isn’t alone is when being bullied at school or during hockey practice. In fact, they seem destined to make a high school career out of their loneliness,until Vanessa comes along. As the hockey team captain’s beautiful girlfriend, Vanessa seems to have it all, yet she shares Zen’s feelings of being misunderstood. But there just might be hope for themas they embark on what becomes an unexpected friendship.

Ferri’s stylish and assured first feature follows two teenagers who are seeking the courage to explore their true selves.

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