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September 18 - June 25 Textile Map-Making Workshops

Montréal, arts interculturels (MAI)

Throughout the 2018-2019 season, artist Kay Noele will be offering textile map-making workshops developed in dialogue with the MAI’s visual arts exhibitions. As part of these workshops, participants will be… Read More

January 5 - December 7 Described Tours

Vancouver Art Gallery / VocalEye

Described tours by VocalEye on the first Saturday of the month. Each tour lasts approximately 1 hour. Sighted visitors are welcome to attend. Please meet in the Gallery Lobby. More… Read More

February 21 - May 23 AGH Touch Tours

Art Gallery of Hamilton (AGH)

Experience art through the sense of touch. Visitors work with specially trained Docents to explore selected works. These tours are designed with people with vision loss in mind, but everyone… Read More

March 23 - December 15 ASL Interpreted Museum Tours

Royal Ontario Museum

The ROM offers the ASL interpreted Museum Highlights Tours available to the public. Each tour runs from 11 AM – 12 PM. More information about accessibility and services for visitors… Read More

April 4 - April 20 The Chemical Valley Project

Theatre Passe Muraille

All performances are relaxed. Through an innovative blend of projection design, object puppetry, and solo-performance, Kevin Matthew Wong performs this documentary theatre work on environmental racism and reconciliation amidst the… Read More

April 20 - May 12 The Tempest

Citadel Theatre

A truly unique retelling of Shakespeare’s most magical story, directed by Josette Bushell-Mingo, former Artistic Director of Tyst Teater, Sweden’s National Deaf Theatre, from 2005-2018. The Tempest will feature Deaf… Read More

April 20 - May 3 Dead People’s Things

Zee Zee Theatre

Phyllis, a Millennial, inherits a house and all of its contents after her estranged hoarder aunt commits suicide. She then must work with neighbour Beatrice, a Baby Boomer who has… Read More

April 23 - May 3 Bed & Breakfast

Arts Club

When Brett inherits a family estate, he and his partner, Drew, move to a quiet little tourist town to set up a B&B. But will these big city boys face… Read More

April 25 - May 4 Well Groomed

Hot Docs Film Festival


Move over, Westminster Kennel, there’s a more colourful dog show in town! Creative dog grooming involves dyeing and sculpting dog fur into kaleidoscopic hues and gravity-defying shapes. Transforming an average… Read More

April 26 - May 3 Killing Patient Zero

Hot Docs Film Festival


1981: A mere seven years since homosexuality had been de-classified as a mental illness in North America. There was progress and a feeling of gay liberation in the air—and then,… Read More

April 26 - May 2 Prey

Hot Docs Film Festival


Widespread sexual abuse within the Catholic Church has traumatized thousands. Many have only recently come forward to speak publicly, while others have been silenced through settlements. One of the perpetrators,… Read More

April 26 Gaelynn Lea in Concert

The Cultch

Come celebrate Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture‘s 21st anniversary with a concert featuring a visual arts presentation by Mujtaba Saloojee, a performance by David Roche, and a music by Gaelynn… Read More

April 26 Raine Hamilton & Tamyka Bullen

Starlight Youth Festival


Raine Hamilton Resonant, acoustic chamber folk with an other-worldly edge, and a lyric presence that cuts deep. Prism-clear vocals + strings; A combination of vocal agility and power. Raine is… Read More

April 27 The Birds and the Bees

Sudbury Theatre Centre

Relaxed performance. Gail, a retired empty-nester, has been quietly raising bees in solitude. Unexpectedly, her grown daughter Sarah returns home; it seems twenty years of artificially inseminating turkeys have taken… Read More

April 27 - May 4 Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts

Hot Docs Film Festival


Trixie Mattel, the half-Ojibwa drag queen, folk musician, comedian and TV personality—best known for snatching the crown in season three of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars—provides an all-access pass to… Read More

April 27 Let’s Dance

Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Ballet, bhangra, and breakdancing…this high-energy, interactive program features music that will be sure to make you move to the beat! You and your family will be dancing in your seats… Read More

April 27 2019 Inkling Symposium

Red Dress Productions


A forum on intersectionality in the arts The Inkling Symposium is a day of workshops, panel discussions, performances, installations, and art actions on disability, equity, and collaborative artmaking. Presentations are… Read More

April 28 Reaching for Starlight

Geordie Theatre

Reenie wants to dance, like her mother did before her. Along with her classmates, she believes she has what it takes to earn the coveted solo at the year-end recital.… Read More

April 28 4000 Miles

Belfry Theatre

New York. The middle of the night. Vera, an irascible, politically active 90-year old is awakened by her grandson Leo, who has cycled from Seattle on a trip with his… Read More

April 28 - May 4 Always in Season

Hot Docs Film Festival


This documentary feature film connects the lingering impact of more than a century of lynching African Americans to contemporary racial violence in the US with the case of Lennon Lacy,… Read More

April 28 - May 2 Conviction

Hot Docs Film Festival


Women are the fastest-growing segment of the prison population in Canada. A filmmaking team attempts to understand this statistic by documenting the experiences of a few incarcerated women and embarking… Read More

April 28 - May 3 Drag Kids

Hot Docs Film Festival


Preteens Stephan, Jason, Bracken and Nemis are like many kids their age: they like candy, catchy pop tunes and sleepovers. But unlike others, they have an unusual interest in dressing… Read More

April 28 - May 3 Pipe Dreams

Hot Docs Film Festival


In a house of worship, devotion takes many forms. Aiming to master the world’s largest instrument, five young organists compete in the prestigious Canadian International Organ Competition, culminating in a… Read More

April 28 - May 5 Quiet Storm: The Ron Artest Story

Hot Docs Film Festival


Coming out of New York’s infamous Queensbridge projects, Ron Artest (now known as Metta World Peace) was a highly touted basketball prospect who eventually became an NBA All-Star and Defensive… Read More

April 28 - May 2 Toxic Beauty

Hot Docs Film Festival


Beauty products are a multi-billion-dollar industry. Despite public attention, companies continue to get away with harmful practices that leave the average consumer wondering which brand can be trusted. Toxic Beauty’s… Read More

April 29 - May 3 The Corporate Coup D’État

Hot Docs Film Festival


If you think Amazon and Apple are controlling your life, you may sadly be right. Canadian philosopher John Ralston Saul coined the term “corporate coup d’état” in his 1995 CBC… Read More

April 29 - May 3 The Hottest August

Hot Docs Film Festival


With a nod to Jean Rouche and Edgar Morin’s seminal vérité documentary Chronicle of a Summer, Brett Story focuses her observational lens on New York City and its outer boroughs… Read More

April 29 - May 5 Last Breath

Hot Docs Film Festival


A routine maintenance dive off the coast of Aberdeenshire in the North Sea quickly turns into a nail-biting search-and-rescue mission when a commercial diver’s “umbilical” line, supplying air and heat,… Read More

April 29 - May 3 Our Dance of Revolution

Hot Docs Film Festival


This untold history of Toronto’s Black queer community spans four decades of passionate activist rebellion. Refusing to be silenced and raging with love, the featured trailblazers demanded a city where… Read More

April 29 - May 1 There Are No Fakes

Hot Docs Film Festival


Norval Morrisseau (Copper Thunderbird) is arguably the most influential Indigenous artist in Canada, commonly referred to as the founder of the Woodlands style. After spending $20,000 at a reputable Toronto… Read More

April 29 - May 3 When We Walk

Hot Docs Film Festival


Since being diagnosed with a severe form of multiple sclerosis more than a decade ago, Jason DaSilva has tenaciously guarded his independence, despite using a wheelchair and requiring around-the-clock support.… Read More

April 29 - May 3 Willie

Hot Docs Film Festival


In a country filled with hockey heroes, Willie O’Ree stands amongst the greats. In 1958, he broke the colour barrier, becoming the first Black player in the National Hockey League.… Read More

April 30 - May 4 Assholes: A Theory

Hot Docs Film Festival


Inspired by the New York Times bestseller Assholes: A Theory by Aaron James, acclaimed filmmaker John Walker takes us on an investigative journey to test the limits of our acceptance… Read More

April 30 - May 4 The Pickup Game

Hot Docs Film Festival


Generating over a billion dollars a year, the pickup industry is shocking, secretive and—to put it politely—scummy. Built upon myths and manipulation, expensive workshops and training videos push an agenda… Read More

April 30 - May 1 Seahorse

Hot Docs Film Festival


Freddy, a young British trans man, dreams of becoming a father. Knowing full well the complications and hardships of attempting pregnancy, Freddy moves forward on his road to having a… Read More

May 1 - May 4 A Kandahar Away

Hot Docs Film Festival


In 1991, a refugee arrived in Canada with his wife and five children, having fled his home in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Decades later, upon discovering the dwindling hamlet of Kandahar, Saskatchewan,… Read More

May 2 Crossing Swords

StoryBook Theatre

Relaxed performance. When the boys from St. Mark’s join the girls from St. Anne’s to present “Cyrano de Bergerac”, three friends get more of an education than they bargained for.… Read More

May 2 Return to Treasure Island

StoryBook Theatre

Relaxed performance. It’s the story of two brothers who discover their family legacy as they are transported to a mysterious island full of pirates, castaways and singing insects! Will they… Read More

May 2 - May 5 N. Scott Momaday: Words from a Bear

Hot Docs Film Festival


Known for his visionary literary works such as House Made of Dawn and The Way to Rainy Mountain, Pulitzer Prize winner N. Scott Momaday is celebrated as one of Native… Read More

May 2 - May 5 Who Let the Dogs Out

Hot Docs Film Festival


It may have seemed like a simple undertaking when he started, but little did artist and curator Ben Sisto know that to answer the question, “Who let the dogs out?”—one… Read More

May 2 La Cenerentola

Vancouver Opera

In Rossini’s masterpiece, La Cenerentola (Cinderella), the evil stepmother trades places with a malevolent stepfather, the fairy godmother is a philosopher, and the legendary glass slipper is replaced with a… Read More

May 2 - May 3 Raising Stanley/Life With Tulia

UNO Fest / Intrepid Theatre

Is a guide dog just a dog that works, or are they more than that? Storyteller Kim Kilpatrick tells stories of the four guide dogs she has handled, accompanied by… Read More

May 3 Adrenaline

UNO Fest / Intrepid Theatre

What is more difficult, to stay in danger with your loved ones or to live alone in safety? Adrenaline follows one man for one night, getting ready to celebrate his… Read More

May 3 DJ Kurs Workshop: Performing ASL/English Theatre

Citadel Theatre / SOUND OFF: A Deaf Theatre Festival

Citadel Theatre and SOUND OFF: A Deaf Theatre Festival are excited to welcome DJ Kurs, Artistic Director of Deaf West Theatre (Los Angeles), to Edmonton for a one-day theatre workshop… Read More

May 3 - May 4 Most Imaginary Worlds

Quest Theatre / Inside Out Theatre

Created by Inside Out Theatre’s Point of View Ensemble Presented by Quest Theatre A mysterious man lives on a bus, serving ice-cream and wisdom… A star gazing mermaid floats in… Read More

May 3 Fault Lines: Leala Hewak and Laura Shintani

Tangled Art + Disability / Workman Arts

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A Featured Exhibition in the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival. About the Exhibition Acceptance of change and change through acceptance—Fault Lines explores processes emblematic of observant insight and growth gained from… Read More

May 7 A Man Draws a Bird

Fringe Theatre

Relaxed performance. What they survived might kill you. After a catastrophic impact a man and a woman are trapped in a strange world called The In-Between. Here in the darkness… Read More

May 8 - May 12 Billy Elliot

Theatre Calgary

This Tony Award-winning musical is an inspiring and moving tale about the importance of following your heart. Set in working-class England, young Billy dreams of trading in his boxing gloves… Read More

May 8 Awkward Hug

UNO Fest / Intrepid Theatre

In the summer of 2009, Cory Thibert was a quiet 19-year-old living in his parents’ basement. He was working as a server to pay his college tuition, spending time with… Read More

May 9 A Love Letter to Emily C

Handsome Alice Theatre / Inside Out Theatre

A Love Letter to Emily C explores the life and times of Canadian icon and artist Emily Carr. Humorous and moving, this play is an interdisciplinary marvel like nothing you’ve… Read More

May 10 - May 11 Mamma Mia!

Grand Theatre London

Summer, warm breezes, Greece, all of your favourite ABBA songs: pure musical heaven. Sophie is getting married and wants to find her father so he can walk her down the… Read More

May 10 Jellyfish Are Immortal

UNO Fest / Intrepid Theatre

Welcome to the ocean. Grab a life vest. You’ve just floated upon a theatrical explosion between the self-help aisle and the marine life section of the bookstore in this ted… Read More

May 11 - June 1 Flying Hearts

Theatre Direct


Relaxed performance. Join four friends as they set off on an imagination adventure through the sights, sounds, and textures of earth, water, air, and light! Flying Hearts is an Inclusive… Read More

May 11 Antigone: 方

Young People’s Theatre

Relaxed performance. An urgently contemporary adaptation of the classic Greek story, inspired by the 2014 student umbrella protest in Hong Kong and the 1989 uprising in Tiananmen Square. In this… Read More

May 11 Trophy

UNO Fest / Intrepid Theatre

Walk through a pop-up city of stories. Comprised of a cluster of tents and 9 local storytellers, Trophy lights up Fernwood Square. Inside each tent, encounter a person who tells… Read More

May 14 The Invisible – Agents of Ungentlemanly Warfare

Vertigo Theatre / Inside Out Theatre

Europe, 1939. Adolf Hitler’s armies are conquering nation after nation, and in the face of the Nazi threat, Canadian millionaire William Stephenson convinces Churchill and Roosevelt to combine forces in… Read More

May 18 - May 19 Lilies; Or, The Revival of a Romantic Drama

Buddies In Bad Times Theatre

In 1912, two schoolboys fall in love performing a play about Saint Sebastian. Their passion is interrupted when one is unjustly sent to prison. Decades later, several inmates agree to… Read More

May 18 - May 25 Welcome to My Underworld


Nine blazing hot works written and performed by new Canadian dramatists with gate-crashing ideas, delicious poetry and unique characters woven into a spectacular journey to the Underworld, in search of… Read More

May 19 The Color Purple

Neptune Theatre

Relaxed performance. An inspiring family saga telling the story of a woman who, through love, finds the strength to triumph over adversity and discover her unique voice in the world.… Read More

May 19 The Hamlet Frequency

The Shakespeare Company / Inside Out Theatre

Relaxed performance. Hamlet has never ceased pacing his way through time towards our 21st Century imagination and we follow him still, one step after another to the inexorable end and… Read More

May 24 Hope and Fire

Mayworks Halifax

What are the possibilities for Mi’kma’ki? In this dynamic, multi-disciplinary installation-performance, indigenous and black artists dream, hope and create a different way forward for this land. The artists individually and… Read More

May 25 PushPULL Relaxed Dance Performance

ReelAbilities Film Festival: Toronto / PushPULL Dance

PushPULL Dance is a company committed to diversity, creativity, community and camaraderie. Our members want to make sure that dance is something that is accessible for everyone to both watch… Read More

May 25 Comedy Night: Laugh with RAFF!

ReelAbilities Film Festival: Toronto

RAFFTO is excited to present a night of live comedy! Thanks to our co-presenting community partners: Bad Dog Comedy Theatre and Cahoots Theatre Projects. Line-up: Sage Lovell (Deafening Darkness) Michael… Read More

May 26 Come From Away

Mirvish Productions

Relaxed performance. It’s been called the “edge of the world.” The weather is wild, but the locals never lack for warmth. And it’s here, in Newfoundland, where a remote town… Read More

May 28 MesoAmérica Resiste!

Mayworks Halifax

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Presented by the Beehive Design Collective. Come see a mural-sized pen and ink masterpiece that took over nine years to create! The Beehive Design Collective works as word-to-image translators of… Read More

May 31 Little Rebel and Refuge in the Rockies

ReelAbilities Film Festival: Toronto


RAFFTO is excited to show two films Little Rebel and Refuge in the Rockies! Thanks to our co-presenting community partner JAYU’s Human Rights Film Festival, Canadian Sport Film Festival, Variety… Read More

May 31 The Polar Bears Go Up

Vancouver International Children’s Festival


Relaxed performance. Get ready to fall in love with these two adorable polar bears! They’ve lost their prized balloon and they need to get it back. Plenty of laughs ensue… Read More

June 1 Love & Loss and Wild Prairie Rose

ReelAbilities Film Festival: Toronto


RAFFTO is excited to show two films Love & Loss and Wild Prairie Rose! Thanks to our co-presenting community partners Centre for Independent Living Toronto. And venue partner, Al Green… Read More

June 1 MUHI: Generally Temporary

ReelAbilities Film Festival: Toronto


RAFFTO is excited to show the film MUHI: Generally Temporary! Thanks to our co-presenting community partners JAYU’s Human Rights Film Festival, Toronto Jewish Film Foundation, and Toronto Jewish Film Society.… Read More

June 1 Industry Workshop with AMI

ReelAbilities Film Festival: Toronto

Calling all filmmakers and content creators! Are you interested in making your media available to the widest audience possible? Join AMI media accessibility specialist, Simone Cupid, as she explains the… Read More

June 1 - June 12 Beauty and the Beast

Globe Theatre

Relaxed performance. Clocks and candle sticks come to life in this delightful family musical based on the award-winning animated film. This classic story follows Belle, a bright and adventurous young… Read More

June 1 Le cheval de bleu

National Arts Centre (NAC) French Theatre /

Comme des contes qui galopent! Cheval rouge, cheval vert, cheval de bois, cheval de fer : on peut posséder mille chevaux, mais rien à faire, il n’y a pas mieux… Read More

June 2 Closing Night Film: Me, My Mouth & I

ReelAbilities Film Festival: Toronto


RAFFTO is excited to show our festival closing film Me, My Mouth and I! Thanks to our co-presenting community partners British Council, Hot Docs, Why Not Theater, and Tangled Art… Read More

June 2 Film Criticism Panel

ReelAbilities Film Festival: Toronto

ReelAbilities Toronto is proud to present a panel on Film Criticism and Disability. Featuring: Michael McNeely Shay Erlich Angelo Muredda Linda Luarasi More information and RSVP

June 6 Sister Act the Musical

StoryBook Theatre

Relaxed performance. When disco diva, Deloris Van Cartier, witnesses a murder, she is put in protective custody in the one place the cops are sure she won’t be a found:… Read More

June 9 - June 14 Matilda the Musical

Arts Club

Sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty to find your happy ending! Armed with an outsize wit and a vivid imagination, precocious Matilda takes a stand to change… Read More

June 19 - June 21 Frame of Mind

Propeller Dance

Propeller Dance once again breaks barriers with FRAME OF MIND. Featuring the premiere of an evocative new work, A Look Inside, the theme of mental health gets a breath of… Read More

June 20 Where Words Once Were

StoryBook Theatre

Relaxed performance. Young Orhan lives in a world where words are both very precious and very dangerous. Only 1,000 of them can exist: new ones are forbidden, and anything newly… Read More