About Us

Creative Users Projects is a shapeshifter, cultural connector, and sector builder of disability and difference in Canada.

As ‘creative users,’ we think creatively about the tools we use and the spaces we build from the lens of disability and difference. We believe artists are integral to changing the status quo and the way we think about access.

Our vision is to spark new ideas of difference and help communities activate more inclusive spaces.

Our Mission

As a disability-led, national arts service organization, our community programs, and online platform connect people to cultural knowledge, resources, and accessible opportunities with the goal of helping artists and arts leaders build stronger and more inclusive communities.

Making difference discoverable & vital
We expand the ways we represent our bodies, our experiences, and our practices in a world that’s transforming to digital. To do this, we’re working with communities across Canada in the co-creation of a strategy that makes difference discoverable and vital in a digital society.

Connecting communities & breaking silos
Communities are where people can share their stories and connect in ways that transform how we see ourselves and others. We connect people to opportunities that strengthen community, cultivate collaboration, mobilize knowledge, and form unlikely connections.

Building stronger & more inclusive sectors
We help artists and arts organizations with limited tools and resources to reach new audiences and remove barriers in the arts. As a forum and online platform, we connect people to cultural knowledge, and accessible events and opportunities to help artists and arts leaders build a strong and inclusive arts sector.

Motion blurred people looking at art exhibits