The Film Festival Guide to Access

A workbook for putting industry standards into action

A group of books on a white and grey blanket with a coffee cup; the cover of the books is light purple with black text and reads The Film Festival Guide to Access

You are an executive director, a programming, board members, volunteer, artist/filmmaker working in the film and media sector and you want to be better at building access!

The problem?

  • The opportunities to build access are vast. Where do you start?
  • You’re having a hard time getting your team or your board aligned with your access goals.
  • Your access efforts so far haven’t been very successful and you’re not sure why!

As a disability arts service organization, we know how overwhelming it can be implement access at our organization but we also know how rewarding and inspiring it can be if it’s done with a creative and collaborative mindset!

As we recover and rebuild from a never ending pandemic, this workbook is designed to get you thinking about change and to go from thinking about access as a chore to thinking about access as an opportunity.

How it works

This interactive workbook will guide you through a journey to learn about the 3 different kinds of mindsets that might be getting in your way.

It also offers creative solutions and exercises to motivate you and your team to build a culture of access and inspire others to do the same.


  • Learn about and familiarize yourself with the social model of disability and difference centred design thinking.
  • Build your access journey and collaborate with your team on a feasible action plan that everyone feels good about.
  • Access vital information about resources and tools that will help you execute your plan.

An enormous thank you to our partners Inside Out Film Festival and the team of industry experts and disability activists who helped to shape this vital resource!

Available today in two formats

Digital and screen reader PDF

A lot of sweat and tears went into making this resource! Show your support and help us deliver more programs and services to Deaf and disabled artists.

Download it for free

Printed version

Limited Riso-printed editions are hot off the press!

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A spread from The Film Festival Guide to Access, with ways you can enhance your checklist mindset and get creative, and a blank page with the header: To Me, Access Looks Like

A spread from The Film Festival Guide to Access with the quote: We're in complex bodies, all of us, and we don't have to be ashamed of our needs