40 lbs of empathy

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Digital Strategy Stew

20 bushels of communities
1 lb of a problem to solve
1000 oz of questions
1000 heaping cups of stories
1 dash of design thinking
A few handfuls of prototypes
10 kg of accessible technology
A sprinkle of self doubt
40 lbs of empathy

When I first heard the phrase “Digital Strategy” 6 years ago, I drew a blank – is that just a really swanky website? Or is it those ads in my feed that somehow read my mind?

I might not have known then what the ingredients of a digital strategy project were or how to cook one up, but I knew the world was transforming to digital and I knew Deaf and disability artists needed to be part of that change.

It has been a long time hinting and promising its release (I’m sorry for the wait) but alas, here it is: Accessing the Arts: Towards Difference-Centered Design, a “pre-released” report. In other words, here’s a good chunk of it and there will be more to come!

A shout out of gratitude to our research team Margaret Lam and Rana El Kadi for your big hearts, and your brilliant brains on this important work.

And a special thanks to especially you – for reading our newsletter every week, for following our work, for sharing your stories with us, and for your help shaping the vision for an accessible arts future.

For all of us, yes you too, it has been an enormous journey getting here but if I’ve learned anything about digital strategy, it’s that, no matter how far you think you’ve gone or how much you think you’ve learned, you’ve really only just begun.

You can download the Accessing the Arts report here.