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Free and Broken is dedicated to the rebels, the weirdos, the misfits, the queers, the ones who find each other, who don’t fit into a box and who don’t want too…..It is a song about personal and generational convalescence and resilience and the cycles of living and dying….” – LAL

I read online that LAL has been long listed for the Polaris and I got really excited. The first time I saw Rosina Kazi and Nicolas Murray perform was at the ballroom at the Gladstone Hotel on Queen Street, Toronto.

I remember it was bitter cold outside but inside, the walls were glowing and the floor was radiating with beautifully dressed misfits, crips, spoonies and wallflowers.

It’s hard to describe music and I probably shouldn’t even attempt it so I’ll be brief.

Rosina’s raw and soothing voice combined with Nicolas’s electronic sounds, a mixture of industrial and classical instruments is intoxicating and when seen and felt live, it is an evocative and deeply collective experience.

I must have looked spellbound because a stranger turned to me and yelled out over the low bass: “It’s like alchemy in here tonight!” I looked around me and smiled and nodded in agreement.

I hope they win this time.