October 2015

Interior of box painted black and displaying an altar of candles, and a bowl of white rice, and a hard boiled egg sitting inside a half of a coconut.

October 2, 2015
at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Working with London, Ontario’s VibraFusion Lab, Creative Users invited the public to experience its second edition of CRIP INTERIORS which reached beyond just the visual while sharing views that aim to redefine what it means to exist in a body that society regards as misformed or of lesser value. Calling on the abundant nuances of family, interdependence, ancestral connections, gender and racial complexities CRIP INTERIORS interrogates the representation of space as it relates to the disabled form.

Contributing to the tradition of reclaiming a once negatively charged term and marking it as a site of power and respect, CRIP INTERIORS takes ‘crip’ and reflects it back to honour and expose, how disability and difference disrupt the everyday in creative, productive ways.

Featured artists were Kamika Peters, Sage Willow, Amira Mahamud and Esther Ignagni, masti khor, Lynx Sainte-Marie, and elaine stewart.

Trigger warning: This album contains an image of a swastika, a traditional South Asian symbol of abundance and karmic understandings of the universe, that was appropriated by Nazis.