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Olivia Brouwer

Canada - Ontario


Image 1: I am a young Caucasian woman with short, curly blonde hair, freckles, and blue-grey eyes. My right eye appears foggy and is partially blind. I am wearing a black t-shirt with a beige wool cardigan. I am sitting in front of my mixed media painting titled Inkblot No. 5. It is an abstract representation of fungi using oil paint, oil pastel, charcoal, silkscreen prints on acetate and mylar, and thread on canvas.

Olivia Brouwer is an award winning emerging artist from Hamilton, Ontario. In 2016, she graduated from the Art and Art History joint program, specializing in painting and printmaking, at the University of Toronto Mississauga and Sheridan College Institute of Technology. Since then, her work has been exhibited in a number of shows across Southern Ontario, including the Blackwood Gallery, the Art Museum at the University of Toronto, and the Robert Kananaj Gallery in collaboration with Emerging Young Artists. As a partially blind artist, Brouwer explores the idea of blindness and accessibility through her art. She translates the concept of blindness into a symbol, using it to examine ideas surrounding belief, meaning, clarity, and sight – both physical and spiritual. Her most recent work explores various encounters with art which activate human senses, enabling an inclusive experience for both the visually impaired and sighted audience.

Areas of Interest:

  • Visual Arts


  • Practicing artist or maker

Identifies with:

  • Blind or Low Vision