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Laura Kay Keeling

Canada - Ontario


Image 1: Image of a woman in a black hat and beige jacket sitting in a chair outdoors in front of a gray building. To the left of her is a blue painted hand. In front is a brown and white dog. 

Image 2: A photo of an installation titled _When It Gets Dark, I Have Shallow Breath_ with navy velvet fabric hung from the wall, in front are mirrors and on top of the mirrors are burgundy dried roses, green leaves and honeycomb. To the right, is a clear glass vessel with rocks, behind is a dried branch with dried orange buds.

Image 3:  A digital collage titled _When It Gets Dark, I Have Shallow Breath_ featuring a bundle of orange, pink, yellow flowers at the top, green water with stones flowing into dark blue water on the left hand side. In the center, is a rectangle with turquoise and green stones. In the background is a close up scan of grass that appears blue in colour. 

Laura Kay Keeling (she/her/they) is a self-taught, visual artist with ADHD whose work encompasses analog photography/video, collage and installation-based projects. Her artwork explores how we form connections with each other and nature. She continues to think about and explore concepts relating to reciprocal care and how one might engage and interact with other humans, plants / animals, and nature as well as what the relationship of caring for each looks like. She considers how the artist selects and cares for materials throughout the creation of artistic works and in thinking more about these concepts, has begun to shift her practice to include not only analog photography but also elements from plants and flowers that she has grown or has foraged from other folks' garden clippings. She scans, photographs, presses and repeats.

Areas of Interest:

  • Visual Arts
  • Photography / Film
  • Installation / Sculpture
  • Digital Arts and Media


  • Practicing artist or maker

Identifies with:

  • Neurodiverse