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Mandy Rushton

Canada - British Columbia


Leading Lady Mandy Rushton is a mover and shaker that loves to connect ideas, experiences and people. An exciting and engaging vocalist born and raised in BC she is a graduate of the Canadian College of Performing Arts in Victoria, British Columbia. A bonafide torch singer and consummate triple threat performer, Mandy revels in sharing intimate stories with young audiences and those young at heart. Her passion is to transform space, transfix an audience and always do the unexpected. She honed her skills being in musical theatre for many years as a dancer, singer, actor, and all around entertainer. With a vocal style that's been compared to the likes of Billie Holiday and Shirley Bassey, the stage presence of a young Ethel Merman, and the comedic chops of Lucille Ball, Mandy wows audiences wherever she goes.

Areas of Interest:

  • Performing Arts
  • Community Arts
  • Music
  • Dance / Movement Arts
  • Comedy


  • Practicing artist or maker
  • Trained professional service provider or consultant
  • Community member
  • Instructor


  • Consulting
  • Event Planning
  • Communications

Identifies with:

  • Disabled