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Rei Ga-Wun Leung

Canada - British Columbia

He/Him, They/Them, Any pronouns


Rei Ga-wun Leung (he/they) is a Deaf East Asian mixed background of Taiwanese and Chinese non-binary descent. Rei is a poet, performer and activist that led to unpacking truth on challenges with memoirs, poems and storytelling. A self-revolutionary act that Rei had removed their cochlear implant magnet by 2019 April since surgically in 2011. Humbly thank the Cascadia Deaf Nation by encouraging them to unpack their journey. Celebrating their name changed 2021 to no specific gender on the new journey. Working with facilitation and hat switching as a consultant on providing cultural linguistic perspectives and communication access tools to restore balance by naming, address injustices. Two solo performances: Silence, no control, Interplay 2017 & Home:Body, Tangled Art 2017. Self-published zine works: 2017 Life Conditions, The First Time with published illustration and poem, Re:Asian May 2017, & the DeafPOC Poem #1 as Best Political zine awarded in Broken Pencil Zine.

Areas of Interest:

  • Visual Arts
  • Video Production
  • Community Arts
  • Sound Art
  • Dance / Movement Arts
  • Digital Arts and Media
  • Graphic and Web Design


  • Practicing artist or maker
  • Trained professional service provider or consultant
  • Community member
  • Researcher
  • Instructor


  • Captioning
  • Relaxed Performance
  • Consulting
  • Research
  • Design thinking
  • Event Planning
  • Communications
  • Facilitation
  • Active Listening
  • Personal Support

Identifies with:

  • d/Deaf
  • Neurodiverse
  • POC