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adam cohoon

Canada - Ontario

He/Him, name: Adam / arc23

Image 1: A photo of Adam.

Adam has operated as an independent Artist and Disability Advocate since 2003, where his work has included blogging, photography, filmmaking, and public speaking. He has presented his film work at the,University of Toronto Disability Art Show. He first gained wide recognition with the Disability and Media community through his selection to the National Film Board Momentum Program. Work has appeared on CBC Toronto. Work has appeared in the “Metro” newspaper and “Toronto Star Online”. With a unique development process, Adam has developed a manner in which he himself, through recent technological advances, leading to the GoPro camera affixed to his powered wheelchair, and accessible computer and laptop, he independently developed a manner of producing films. Mounting the GoPro on a wheelchair has allowed me to take video and photos from first person perspective, using a custom camera mount.

Areas of Interest:

  • Visual Arts
  • Community Arts
  • Photography / Film
  • Installation / Sculpture
  • Digital Arts and Media
  • Comedy
  • Podcasting / Storytelling
  • Video Production


  • Practicing artist or maker
  • Activist / ally


  • Tech Tester

Identifies with:

  • Disabled