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Rana El Kadi

Canada - Ontario


Image 1: Portrait of Rana El Kadi


Rana is a community-based researcher with a PhD in Music (Ethnomusicology) and a passion for the arts. She is particularly interested in applying arts-based, imaginative, and participatory design methodologies with her collaborators. Rana is currently Research Associate on Creative Users Projects’ and Re•Vision’s "Accessing the Arts" initiative; she is working with communities with lived experiences of disability and difference across Canada to co-create and co-design digital solutions that make difference discoverable and vital. She is also the Research Lead on the "Direct[Message]" project, an intergenerational research and development project that aims to make the arts more accessible and inclusive for older adults through digital technology. During her Ph.D. program, Rana collaboratively designed and facilitated ethnomusicology programs with racialised immigrant and refugee youth around the issues of cultural inclusion and anti-racism education in junior high schools. She is the co-founder and curator of Emergent Futures CoLab, a transnational collective of artists, scholars, and activists who work on collaborative projects that channel uncertainty and reimagine more equitable futures with their communities.

Areas of Interest:

  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • Community Arts
  • Curatorial Arts
  • Photography / Film
  • Installation / Sculpture
  • Craft
  • Literary Arts
  • Music
  • Sound Art
  • Dance / Movement Arts
  • Digital Arts and Media


  • Researcher


  • Consulting

Identifies with:

  • POC