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Samantha Jackson

Canada - Ontario


Image 1: Photo of Samantha Jackson, a twenty-one year old female, holding a camera close to her body while standing on an icy Polson Pier. She smiles and faces the sun. Lake Ontario and the Toronto skyline are out of focus in the background.

Samantha Jackson is a documentary and editorial photographer currently living and working in Toronto, Ontario after growing up in Vancouver, BC. While currently working towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at Ryerson University, she draws significant inspiration from her experiences as a woman in contemporary society and the idea of place affecting the way we live. She aspires to produce work that explores the relationship humans have with place as well as improve the representation of equity-seeking groups through media.

Areas of Interest:

  • Visual Arts
  • Community Arts
  • Curatorial Arts
  • Photography / Film


  • Practicing artist or maker
  • Community member


  • Audio Description
  • Captioning

Identifies with:

  • Feminist