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Laurie Landry

Canada - British Columbia


Image 1: A black and white photo of Laurie, a woman with dark wavy hair smiling, wearing black v-neck teeshirt and denim jacket.

Laurie M Landry attended Wells’ Island Mountain School for the Arts in the late 1970s, and completed the Emily Carr University of Art & Design’s Fine Arts Techniques program in 2008. She has since continued training with mentor programs and in-class workshops, including Studio Escalier in Paris, France, and Toni Onley Artist Project, Wells, Canada. Laurie has exhibited in several galleries in BC, and has been awarded Research & Creation and Professional Development grants from The Canada Council for the Arts. Laurie lives and paints in Vancouver, BC.

Areas of Interest:

  • Visual Arts


  • Practicing artist or maker


  • ASL Interpretation
  • Captioning

Identifies with:

  • d/Deaf
  • Fat
  • Queer
  • Feminist