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Sage Lovell

Canada - Ontario

Image 1: Sage, a white fat Deaf non-binary femme person, is smirking and sitting in front of their laptop. Behind them, there is a hint of a crescent moon. They are wearing a mesh top with a blue/purple crystal necklace. Their reddish brown hair is in two ponytails.

Sage Lovell is a Deaf queer nonbinary genderfluid femme artist who likes to work their magic, using different art mediums to shift perspectives and spaces. Most notable recent works include “Creative ASL Theatre Sessions,” a series of online improv classes in collaboration with The Hypernovas and InsideOut Theatre. In 2019, Sage was a finalist for the Community Arts Award (Toronto Arts Foundation). In 2018, Sage won 2nd place Defty Award (Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf) for their ASL poetry production of “The Four Elements.” Sage is also the founder of Deaf Spectrum and the co-founder of the Deaf, what? Project.

Areas of Interest:

  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • Community Arts
  • Curatorial Arts
  • Photography / Film
  • Installation / Sculpture
  • Craft
  • Literary Arts
  • Music


  • Practicing artist or maker
  • Trained professional service provider or consultant
  • Community member


  • ASL Interpretation
  • Consulting
  • Captioning from ASL to English only

Identifies with:

  • Disabled
  • d/Deaf
  • Mad
  • Fat
  • Survivor
  • Queer
  • Feminist