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January 6, 2021 - March 24, 2021

Feminist and Accessible Publishing & Communications Technologies

The Feminist and Accessible Publishing, Communications, and Technologies Speaker and Workshop Series seeks to bring together scholars, creators, and people in industry working at the intersections of digital humanities, computer science, feminist studies, disability studies, communications studies, LGBTQ studies, history, and critical race theory. The series will bring forward critical approaches to publishing practices, innovative communication strategies, and techniques for making research dissemination more accessible.

January 20: Sasha Costanza-Chock on Design Justice at 7 PM (ONLINE EVENT)

January 27: Deborah Raji on Facial Recognition Technology on the Challenges of Audits, Accountability & Algorithmic Justice at 7 PM (ONLINE EVENT)

February 3: Dr. Elinor Carmi on Media Distortions at 12 PM (ONLINE EVENT)

February 10: Yeshimabeit Milner on Abolish Big Data and Data 4 Black Lives at 7 PM (ONLINE EVENT)

February 17: Caroline Sinders on Feminist Data Set and CAre B0t at 7 PM (ONLINE EVENT)

February 18: Chancey Fleet on Digital Frictions and Dark Patterns in Accessible Technology at 7 PM (ONLINE EVENT)

February 24: Ana Brandusescu, Financing AI: The role of public investments in Canada at 7 PM (ONLINE EVENT)

March 3: Keoni Mahelona and Peter-Lucas Jones at 7 PM (ONLINE EVENT)

March 10: Morgan Klaus Scheuerman on How We Teach Computer Vision To See Race and Gender at 12PM (lunchtime event) (ONLINE EVENT)

March 17: Stephanie Dinkins at 7 PM (ONLINE EVENT)

March 24: Rose Eveleth of Flash Forward Podcast: Imagine Better Futures at 7 PM (ONLINE EVENT)

March 31: Kate Crawford on the Atlas of AI at 7 PM (ONLINE EVENT)

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