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December 11, 2020

Cycles Movement Practice

Invitation to join in Maxine Heppner's CYCLES movement practice. Designed for all bodies, the Goal is > to Dance like Yourself > with intention and fluidity. The work is particularly effective for developing and supporting ease and power from the inside-out with Breath, Impulse, and micro-to-macro expression. Other times can be set up on request (especially if 8am is too early for you) and a recording of live session is available on request. Also specific focus can be requested. Email > \info@acrossoceans.org > Cost? sliding scale $15-30 or pwyc if you can.

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CYCLES with Maxine has been a all bodies practice for more than a decade. The online sessions are viewed from a person's own environment. All activities can be done on a chair, floor, bed, standing, sitting, lying down. All activities can be understood purely visually (demonstration) and purely audibly (only sound).