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February 5, 2021

Call for Calgary and Southern Alberta LGBTQ2S+ Writers

Hosted by Theatre Calgary

Theatre Calgary is seeking play submissions for our inaugural Page to Stage New Works Festival, taking place (online) March 9 – 14, 2021. (More information on this festival will be announced in the near future.)

Theatre Calgary’s new, annual Page to Stage New Works Festival will provide resources for writers to have their work developed towards a next step opportunity at Theatre Calgary. The next step opportunity could be an additional reading, a more focused workshop, an exploratory workshop production, or an actual production.

As Southern Alberta’s largest, professional theatre company, Theatre Calgary is committed to amplifying and developing voices and stories that reflect the vast and ever-changing landscape of Albertan identity. Our company is dedicated to nurturing brand-new works, ensuring that these new works, new voices, and new stories are given a platform to be seen, heard, and discovered.

Each year, our Page to Stage New Works Festival will highlight a different theme. In this, our inaugural year, Theatre Calgary is reaching out to Southern Alberta based writers, who explore the landscape and expression of queer identity (LGBTQ2S+). This is an opportunity for Theatre Calgary to provide high visibility, and focused attention to the continued development of Alberta’s queer theatre canon.

Three (3) selected works will receive dramaturgy, and workshopping, which will culminate in one, online public reading within the festival. One (1) of the selected works will receive further development that will lead to a next step opportunity (as listed above). The eventual goal for this work is a full production, produced by Theatre Calgary in a future season.

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Theatre Calgary

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Phone number: 403.294.7447

Email: inquiries@theatrecalgary.com

Theatre Calgary traces its origins to the 1960s grassroots movement for local professional theatre. The company formed from the city’s two most prominent amateur theatre groups: Workshop 14 and the Musicians’ and Actors’ Club. Workshop 14 had been founded in 1944 by students of local theatre pioneer Betty Mitchell and took its name from Mitchell’s drama classroom at Western Canada High School. The Musicians’ and Actors’ Club (fondly known as MAC) began as a social club in 1963, with meetings held the basement bar of the derelict Isis movie house on 1st St SW, but members soon took to staging short plays and musical revues in the upstairs hall. Under the leadership of Kenneth Dyba, the two groups merged in 1966 as MAC 14. Then, on July 1st, 1968, MAC 14 became Theatre Calgary, the city’s first fully professional theatre company. Christopher Newton, who would later lead the Shaw Festival for more than two decades, was appointed Theatre Calgary’s first artistic director.