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January 8, 2021 - January 26, 2021

High Performance Rodeo

Hosted by One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre

The High PerformanceRodeo, Calgary’s International Festival of the Arts, is an annual festival that animates the city in January with an array of live performances from around the world. Featuring theatre, music, dance, and multidisciplinary art, the High PerformanceRodeo is a showcase of the best in contemporary performance. The festival is produced by One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre and presented in co-operation with many of Calgary’s major arts organizations.

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One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre

21-225 8th Avenue SE , Calgary, AB, T2G 0K8, Canada

Phone number: 403.294.9494

Email: reception@oyr.org

Once a punk rebel upstart troupe of ‘creatives’ – actors, writers, poets, jugglers, musicians and a dancer – on the cusp of a cultural renaissance that was Calgary. Over 35 years OYR has shape-shifted into a cultural treasure that transcends the narrow geographical boundaries of city and nation. More tenacious. More fearless than even in 1982 when we got this party started – One Yellow Rabbit is in the house. And we’re here to stay. Actually, we’re taking over. We’re propagating – like the bunnies we are.