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February 14, 2021

The Creative Motivation You Need Right Now!

Hosted by Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture

Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture Digital Workshop Series Presents, The Creative Motivation You Need Right Now!

Creativity and productivity are not always a constant in our lives and we can't look at that as a negative. We all have different abilities and goals.

This presentation will be given by Anne Turner and Lisa Anita Wegner, two extraordinary women who live with invisible disabilities and have made it a priority to not let that be a negative or to let it stand in the way of achieving their creative and life goals.

Join us for a very insightful conversation from two artists who have done a ton of hard work and have a wealth of experience that we want them to share with you. Artists presentations will be followed with a Q&A period.

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ASL and Closed Captions will be provided. This workshop will be presented on Zoom.


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Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture, in Vancouver BC, gives artists with disabilities a voice. This can mean everything from facilitating a disability art group, to bringing an international film to Vancouver, to presenting art exhibitions and concerts. We are committed to supporting and promoting artists in every discipline, with all disabilities (and sometimes collaborations with able-bodied artists). We present the best in Vancouver and BC, and where possible, we bring new voices to Vancouver from across the country and around the world. We support artists and develop audiences for an understanding of disability art. Becoming part of the larger picture, of course, means professionalism. Kickstart is also committed to presenting professional work in a professional context. To coin a phrase “authentic non-sentimental expressions of the disability experience”. In programming and curating, we present cutting-edge work as the artists we present offer distinct perspectives on the human experience – risk taking, artistically engaging, socially relevant and at times, challenging. We are a nonprofit Society and a registered federal charity in Canada, with a small staff and a dedicated crew of volunteers. Please check out one of our events and get involved with us!