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February 18, 2021 - February 24, 2021


Hosted by The Cultch

Beneath layers of identity, can blood equal belonging?

What of our culture lives within us, and how much is determined by our upbringing? If a part of your identity has never been nurtured, do attempts to rekindle it amount to appropriation?

Seeking answers to these questions, our gender-questioning and mixed-race protagonist, Max, meets the famed Mz Nancy, our host for the night. Witty and glamorous, Nancy seems to have an answer for everything… but, as Max discovers, things are never black and white. 

This boundary-pushing, bouffon-inspired work explores what it means to be mixed-race and Black in the world today. Using bold risks, sharp comedy, and African mythology, Mx cracks open struggles of identity and belonging through the lens of a character stuck in the in-between.

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Pre-recorded ASL (American Sign Language) and captioned performance on February 24.


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