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February 28, 2021

Neurodivergent Hangouts - Online Board Games & Chat!

We are hosting neurodivergent hangouts every last Sunday of the month! We will be playing online or Jackbox games, watching videos, or just chatting--whatever everyone feels like doing.

These are difficult times for all of us. Let's connect and hold space for each other!

These hangouts are open to all neurodivergent people, including Autistic people, ADHDers, people with developmental and intellectual disabilities, people with mental health challenges, etc.

More information on Facebook


The event will be held via videoconferencing with Zoom. 

  1. We have booked CART (live captioning) and ASL interpretation. If you need ASL interpretation and/or CART, please RSVP and let us know by Feb 24.
  2. We will start every call with introductions & access needs check-ins.
  3. Feel free to speak aloud, type, or just hang around. You do not have to turn on your camera or microphone if you do not want to. You get to decide how much you want to socialize with others. However, please do let us know who you are (by typing or speaking) when you enter the call! We will remove people who have not identified themselves.
  4. Please use headphones and call in from a quiet place if you are speaking aloud. This will help lower how much extra background noise others hear.
  5. Some people take a long time to respond because of different reasons (e.g. using Augmentative and Alternative Communication, having social anxiety, etc). Please be patient and allow everyone to type/speak.
  6. If you have any access needs requests, please message us ahead of time or let the host of the hangout know during the online call.