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March 1, 2021

The Practical Intervention Fund

Now, with COVID-19, finding things that support you in your daily life is extremely important. Most of us are adjusting to new ways of living and different routines, which means our day-to-day access requirements might have changed, too. It’s vital to focus on wellbeing and self-care during these times. Touretteshero is keen to be a source of support and solidarity, which is why we’re launching the Practical Intervention Fund.

This fund can help cover the cost of a practical item that is likely to improve the wellbeing of disabled or neurodiverse individuals or families.

The fund is for anyone who identifies as disabled or neurodiverse, or who is a parent/carer of someone who is disabled or neurodiverse (this includes children and adults waiting for a diagnosis). To be eligible for the fund, you must live in the UK and be unable feasibly to buy the item(s) yourself.

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