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February 26, 2021

X-Camera presents Kim Kitchen: Able to Disable: My Changing Landscape

Kim Kitchen: Able to Disable: My Changing Landscape I am a multidisciplinary artist now working in audio and film, mostly as a result debilitating illness which completely transformed my world. Through the art of shaping sound, I share my process and insights of these life changing years. Able to Disabled: MyChanging Landscape conveys insurmountable moments of grief, loss and transformation amid testable adaptability and embrace. At its core, this body of work recounts a personal process of adaptation, re-configuration of identity and the work of letting go to let in.

Kim explores the collective cultural understandings at the intersections of the female body as it finds itself in the natural world. Her practice was largely tactile, focused on painting, sculpture, installation and performance. In 2014, Rheumatoid Disease arrived and Kim was bedridden for the following three years. A search for treatment resulted in positive outcomes and she has regained strength and mobility returning to her practice that has adapted and flourished under new circumstances. Sound art and film now lend to her practice of critical inquiry of body-land relations and the self-reflexive relationship between ability and artistic production. Her community activism is inclusive, celebratory, and exuberant. In contrast, her work is introspective, thoughtful, and prompts quiet reflection. Now more than ever, inter-dependence is fundamental for this disabled artist.

www.kimkitcheninthestudio.com interartsmatrix.ca

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The lecture will be primarily audio with a video portion presented by Kim Kitchen. Unfortunately no accessibility options are available in time for the presentation.