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March 12, 2021

Call for Participation: Disability Performance and Pedagogies Working Group

Attention Deaf, disabled, mad, crip and allied scholars, artists, theatre-makers and theorists. 

We invite you to submit an abstract or expression of interest to take part in our 2021 Disability Performance and Pedagogies Working Group (DPPWG) gathering as a part of the Canadian Association of Theatre Research (CATR) annual conference

 Since its founding in 2017 by Jess Watkin and Ash McAskill, we have gathered once a year to explore, question and challenge ideas around Deaf, disability and mad+ performance practice and scholarship in Canada. 

2021 Working Group Theme:

In previous years, our working group has explored and engaged critically with a number of themes including: disability and pedagogy (2018), productions and play scripts (2019), and theatre-making and futurity (2020). This year, our working group focus will draw from CATR’s overarching theme of crisis and recovery. 

This past year has been a difficult one. As the new co-conveners of this working group we are eager to hold space for discussion around this theme. We invite you to consider how experiences of crisis and/or recovery have: 

  •  Manifested in your artistic or research?
  • Created unexpected opportunities or reimagining(s) of your work?
  • Complicated how you encounter your artistic practice or the practice of others?
  • Prompted connections/disconnections with Community? 
  • Impacted how you perform in the present or in the future?
  • Any other ideas related to the proposed theme(s) 

Please note, that these invited responses do not have to be reflective of the pandemic, but of course, responses to our current global climate are also welcome. 

**Participation Options and How to Apply: ** This year’s conference will take place online and we are offering two options for participation. You are welcome to participate in one or both— whatever is most conducive to you and your needs at this time. 

Option 1:  

An online discussion about performance(s) we have witnessed this past year.  

To apply: Submit an abstract (250 words or 1-2 min video with captions) proposing a performance (either your own or by another Deaf, disabled, mad+ identified artist/collective) that is either upcoming or that has an archival video that we could access.  

Please include:  

  •   a short synopsis of the performance 
  • how it relates to this year’s theme
  • when it was/will be performed
  • cost to view online (if upcoming)
  • what accessibility elements are available for enjoying the performance  

We will invite participants to experience these performances in advance of the conference, and then gather to discuss. 

Option 2: 

A think piece or creative contribution to be shared and responded to by other members on our website.  

To apply, submit a proposal of your think piece or creative contribution that is connected to this year’s theme of crisis and recovery.  

Options for proposal format include: 

  • Written proposal (250 words max) 
  • Video (1-2 mins max with captioning)
  • Audio (1-2 mins max with transcript)  

Your proposal will be for producing one of the following:  

  • A written work (5-1500 words) | Academic or Creative Expression or Think Piece
  • A video (3-5 mins with captioning) | Academic or Creative Think Piece
  • An audio piece (3-5 mins with transcript) | Academic or Creative Think Piece
  • Video or audio-based creative piece (max 10 minutes) | Video with captioning. Audio with transcript  

 If you wish to participate please email and address both co-convenors, Becky Gold and Drea Flyne, at catr.dppwg@gmail.com with the following:  

  • Your written, video or audio proposal
  • Ensure your submission is 250 words or 1-2 mins max (with captioning/transcript)
  • We invite you to share any access needs you may have that can better facilitate your participation in the working group.
  • We will work with CATR so that your access needs are met for the conference gathering.  

**Deadline to submit send your proposal is March 12, 2021 at 11:59 PM ** 

If you have any questions about the working group, CATR or anything else please do email Becky Gold and Drea Flyne at catr.dppwg@gmail.com and we will respond within 48 hours of your email.  


We welcome submissions in English, French, ASL and LSQ. Please note that the co-convenors are not fluent in French, ASL or LSQ. If it is possible for you to provide us with a translation in English this would be appreciated. However, if this is not possible, we will work to get it translated so that you can participate in your first language.