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Event Access

  • ASL Interpretation
  • Captions
  • Audio Description

March 9, 2021 - March 27, 2021

Educational Workshops

Creating Accessible Neighbourhoods has created a series of educational workshops. Due to the pandemics, we have moved them online. 

Disability Awareness March 9th March 14th March 25th

Disability Justice March 11th March 27th

Imposter Syndrome March 18th March 25th

Gender & Sexuality 101 March 16th March 21st

More information


Contact: info@canbc.org or phone/text 604.437.7331

  • Sliding scale for ticket costs
  • Free ASL with minimum of three days notice
  • Zoom enabled closed captions
  • Facilitators verbally describe themselves
  • Participants can choose to keep their videos off (although we encourage them to turn them on when speaking for people who read lips)
  • Chat conversations and questions are read aloud
  • Image descriptions are described and all details of slides are read aloud
  • Participants are encouraged to answer in the style that best meets their needs (type answer, speak verbally and/or sign)
  • Facilitators explain all acronyms and initials
  • Use only captioned videos
  • Include a midway break