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Natasha Jozi, I whispered and pulsated with the waves, performance, Karachi Biennale 2019

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March 5, 2021

First Friday - Young Pakistani Performance Artists by Natasha Jozi

Performance art, a highly visceral medium, was largely unexplored in Pakistan, but in the last five years a generation of artists have authentically engaged with it to share their untold stories. This lecture will share the works of young performance artists exploring themes of loss, gender conflicts and confrontations, and reimagining the boundaries of the body. The performances take a range of forms (interactive, meditative or theatrical), but their thematic connections expand on each artist’s unique understanding of one or more of these themes.

Natasha Jozi is a visual thinker and performance artist interested in the collective experience and the intersection of science and the spiritual body. She has exhibited her work widely, nationally and internationally. She is the founder and director of House Ltd., an initiative that explores the notion of the city as a performing organism.

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