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March 19, 2021

Call for Submissions: Disability Informed Creation in Dance

Hosted by Sick + Twisted Theatre

This five-day online workshop brings together disabled (Deaf, Crip, mad, sick) and nondisabled dancers, choreographers, movers and makers.

Engaging with the disruptions created by disability, we will use this time to develop connections and remove barriers to collaboration across abilities. Engaging with the disruptions created by Covid, we’ll take advantage of the limitations and opportunities of online meeting.

The workshop will explore choreographic practice as a way of questioning, examining and expressing the body’s truth and its capacity for radical specificity in relation to time and space. How does the disabled body inform choreographic practice? How does choreographic thinking inform the disabled performer’s practice?


This program is open to all Manitoban artists and will be conducted in English with ASL interpretation. Non-disabled dancers, choreographers and movers interested in exploring disability-informed movement and Disabled performers interested in expanding their approach to movement in performance creation are encouraged to apply.

Participants must be available for a short conversation with the facilitators during the week before for the workshop; have access to the internet and a device, preferably a laptop, for running Zoom; and be able to commit to the full duration of the workshop.


Sick + Twisted Theatre

Sick + Twisted is a theatre company dedicated to creating work exploring the experience of living with a disability.