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April 13, 2021

The Curators: New Media Gallery

Join New Media Gallery Director-Curators for a talk on New Media Gallery and their curatorial practice. With examples from their past work at Tate & Lisson galleries as well as from the 25 group exhibitions they have curated at New Media Gallery. The talk will cover case studies involving curatorial process, design + installation around complex technologies, sustainability strategies for galleries and the highs and lows associated with running and curating a small, international gallery devoted to contemporary art + technology.

Sarah Joyce & Gordon Duggan are the founding Director/Curators of New Media Gallery, New Westminster (Vancouver). They have international experience in contemporary art & design focussing on new media art, art-based technologies, exhibition development, curation, design & conservation. Working across public & private sectors at galleries like Tate and Lisson Gallery and through New Media Gallery they have contributed to the development of international Best Practice standards in the arts, design & conservation and continue to work with leading contemporary artists and art galleries. 

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