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April 1, 2021

TUNE TO A - Artist Expression of Interest

TUNE TO A is a brand new play for young audiences developed by Carly Neis, Cynthia Jimenez-Hicks, and Cameron Kneteman inspired by Carly's lived experiences as a theatre artist with cerebral palsy. TUNE TO A tells the story of Ava, a 13-year-old with CP and a love of music. When it matters most, will she find the power of her voice?

This story isn't just about a young girl's talent and perseverance, but also an industry's difficulties adapting for her to shine. If you're an artist with a disability seeking professional experience OR an able-bodied artist who wants to learn to better use their platform to advocate for artists with disabilities, we want to hear from you!

TUNE TO A is coming to Azimuth Theatre‘s 2022 Expanse Festival, and the creative team is seeking expressions of interests from artists who want to develop their accessibility toolkit as an apprentice, assistant, or lead artist!

Roles will be developed in collaboration with selected applicants for our Summer 2021 workshop and/or our early 2022 production process. We want to build the right opportunities for the right people, and are committed to paying appropriate rates based on the various professional association guidelines like Equity’s Indie DOT or the Associated Designers of Canada’s fee templates.

We have fees available to hire apprentice, assistant, and lead artists based on interest, background, and availability. Team members will work with industry experts and those with lived disability experience to build the world of TUNE TO A and explore a more equitable production and rehearsal model. We are committed to offering appropriate professional-scale rates for all roles.

Early- and mid-career playwrights, designers, directors, stage managers, technicians, tradespeople, and producers who are based in Edmonton or able to commute to and work in Edmonton on a part- or full-time basis are encouraged to submit.

NOTE: We are not accepting expressions for onstage artists at this time.

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