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April 6, 2021

Watch, Think, Create: Workshops for Grades 3-6

Hosted by ReelAbilities Film Festival Toronto

WATCH, THINK, CREATE is a self-paced workshop series for grades 3-6 where students will learn about accessibility in schools and public spaces.

How does it work? On April 6, we will send you 4 lesson plans. Lesson plans will include exclusive ReelAbilities film links, slideshows, and tutorials. Lessons are designed for little to no prep by teachers. You can complete lessons at the pace that works for you, as long as all 4 lessons are complete by May 7th.

What materials do I need? Students will require a device to take photographs. Any tablet, phone, Chromebook, or digital camera can work. Devices can be shared by students. Classes will require a way to screen films and show slideshows to students.

Can I run this program with my online class? Yes! You may need to make some slight modifications, but this workshop is designed with virtual and in person learning in mind.

Lesson Overview: Lesson One: Students will learn about the many barriers to accessibility in our schools, public spaces, and homes.

Lesson Two: Students will learn that for every accessibility barrier, there is a solution. We must all be part of solving accessibility problems. (Exclusive interview from Luke Anderson from StopGap)

Lesson Three: Students will learn about the Access Photo Challenge, documenting accessibility through photographs. And they will learn how to take a beautiful photograph.

Lesson Four: Students will critique each other's photographs and submit their photos to our Virtual Gallery.

All photo submissions will be displayed in our Virtual Gallery and will be entered to our "Access Photo Challenge". Winners will receive an Indigo Gift Card and $50 to donate to a charity of their choosing.

If you have any questions, please email shiraw@mnjcc.org

To register, please fill out this form: https://docs.google.com/.../1FAIpQLScnBKYRu5tC1n.../viewform

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All lesson plans will be sent as accessible PDFs. All videos have captioning. If you require AD or have other accessibility requests please contact shiraw@mnjcc.org.


ReelAbilities Film Festival Toronto

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In 2016, the American-born ReelAbilities Film festival crossed the border and launched in Toronto, Ontario, making this the first official international chapter of RAFF. Now in our fourth year, ReelAbilities Toronto Film Festival is proud to showcase Canadian and International shorts, features, and documentaries about Deaf and disability cultures and by filmmakers and actors with disabilities and/or who are Deaf. Over the past 4 years, ReelAbilities Film Festival Toronto has launched programs alongside producing the festival in the spring of each year. Programs such as the ReelAccess/CinemAccessible Guide and the CBC-ReelAbilities Breaking Barriers Film Fund have helped build this Toronto festival into a mainstay of the city’s disability and cinematic fabric! Our ReelEducation program has brought films and lesson plans about equity and inclusion into 118 schools across the province, in 28 schoolboards.