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April 15, 2021

Call for Artists - UNTIL 9: Queer Island

For the upcoming Spring/Summer issue of UNTIL, the theme will be Queer Island with special Guest-Editor David Geiss.

To paraphrase John Donne, No queer is an island entirely to itself; or are we? There exists a Queer Island off the shores of Alaska, another one in southern Ontario, and let’s not forget Fire Island, as well as the short-lived autonomous zone pronounced out of protest for equal rights in Australia. Keeping in mind that queer has come to represent a catch-all with the caveat that not everything can be encapsulated or acronym’d, we are looking for artists who identify as LGBTQIA2S+ to offer their explorations of the theme and its myriad interpretations from the perspective of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

While some of us grapple with a new concept of isolation, for others it is old hat — maybe even a preference, not to be misconstrued as antisocial or insular. What does it mean to be an Island queer in 2021? How does your queerness manifest in your art practice? Do you invite your audience in to experience the island space-time continuum? Or simply fly your flag on the mountaintop as a beacon for passersby? As the line between queerness and the mainstream blurs further, how do we walk a similar line between island and mainland, between one and the many, and between each other?

The Victoria Arts Council is seeking submissions of literary works (poetry, prose, essays, and non-classifiable texts), visual art, moving image, and audio / musical arts to be included in UNTIL 9: Queer Island. 

Deadline 15 April 2021

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