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April 29, 2021

Applying Anti-Oppression, Anti-Ableism and Anti-Sanism

Hosted by Workman Arts

Becoming more aware of equitable practices in relation to community-based work. Engaging in conversations around language and terms aligned with anti-oppression, anti-ableism, and anti-sanism. Uncovering how we can align disability justice into everyday practices.

Facilitated by Parul Pandya and Jenna Reid.

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If you require any accessibility supports to participate in this workshop, please contact Justina Zatzman at justina_zatzman@workmanarts.com.


Workman Arts

651 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON, M6K 2B2 , Canada

Workman Arts is a multidisciplinary arts organization that promotes a greater understanding of mental health and addiction issues through creation and presentation. We support artists living with mental health and addiction issues through peer-to-peer arts education, public presentations and partnerships with the broader arts community.