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April 30, 2021

Call for Applications: Access Coordinator

Hosted by Upintheair Theatre

Upintheair Theatre is looking for an access coordinator with experience in community outreach and strong access competencies. They will be supporting rEvolver artists, staff, consultants and guests with information regarding the access needs of artists and audiences. We need an individual that has experience in EDI (Equity Diversity and Inclusivity) consultancy, access coordination, and community organization. With a passion for the arts, of course! We are looking for a qualified individual immediately to aid our artists pre-festival (now until May 2021) until post-festival (June 15th for debriefing meeting and report).


  • BC resident or within the Western Canadian timezone (ie PST or PST zones);
  • At least 2 years of experience in EDI & access work. Experience working in the arts is a plus;
  • A high understanding of the protocols working with communities such as those that identify as d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing, who identify as blind or with vision loss, and other communities (ie those that identify as Aneurotypical, people with Disabilities or lived experience of Disabilities, people who are Mad identified, people living with Mental Illness, and 2SLBTQQAI+); 
  • Strong consultancy and facilitation practice for rEvolver artists and staff to access.

DEADLINE AND START PROCESS: As soon as possible until the position is filled.

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We strongly encourage applications from women or femme identified people of colour, Indigenous, Black, 2SLGBTQQIA+, and other peoples that identify as being part of underrepresented communities. Upintheair Theatre is dedicated to creating equitability and inclusivity in our programming and operations.

If you prefer an alternative means of applying or have any questions about the application, please contact submissions@upintheairtheatre.com.


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