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April 20, 2021

2021 Art Residency: For the Love of Nature and Self-Expression

Hosted by Spill-PROpagation

We are happy you are joining us. This year SPiLL’s 2021 Art Residency theme is “For the Love of Nature and Self-Expression”. Let the residency begin! Your special arts care package was put together especially for you. It includes lots of different materials from SPiLL’s art supplies. Now is the time to bring these materials together. Also, go outside. Add something that you see, feel, smell. Anything that you find interesting. Now, put it all together. Unleash your creative spirit.

Try. Explore. Play. We are on this journey with you. Each of us will have our own way. We also may be near or far, but we are creating as a community – together.

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SPiLL Arts Video available in ASL and LSQ.



SPiLL is an Artist Center for Creation and Production in Sign Language in Canada. Its main three artistic activities are: Creation, Collaborative Production, and Research-Creation.