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June 21, 2021 - June 27, 2021

Nogojiwanong Indigenous Fringe Festival (NIFF)

In June of 2021, we will present the first ever Indigenous Fringe Festival - the Nogojiwanong Indigenous Fringe Festival (NIFF).

The Nogojiwanong Indigenous Fringe Festival will be very different from other Fringe Festivals. NIFF is an Indigenous-led project based in a holistic approach to creating a community of support for Indigenous artists rooted in culture and building for a sustainable future. For this reason, the Festival will include the Knowledge Sharing Project - an extensive commitment to the development and transmittal of cultural knowledge and creative practice.

Sharing food, spending time in the Traditional Area (Tipi, Sweat Lodge and Medicine Garden) on the Trent University campus, connecting with local Elders and sharing cultural practices will be central to the project. The project has also been invited by the Band Council to travel to the nearby Curve Lake First Nation to share with the community.