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May 11, 2021

Interaction Design for Digital and Hybrid Performance


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Welcome to Savanna Harvey’s liveshow: Interaction Design for Digital and Hybrid Performance!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started a year ago, we have seen so many resilient performing artists, collectives, and organizations adapt and take their work online. But digital shows are a brave new world, and that world has its own language (and I’m not just talking about Python or C++).

Join artist-in-residence and interdisciplinary artist, Savanna Harvey, online from her studio at cSPACE for a liveshow presentation, demo, and Q&A on digital dramaturgy and designing/writing/devising for interaction.

Learn how to create and implement exciting audience engagement devices for digital production IRL and in real-time: testing new contraptions, props, bots, and hacks. The event will focus on applied methods for online audiences to interact with a performer and their physical environment. Savanna will share her artistic process from the cSPACE residency and the interdisciplinary, dramaturgical principles of creating for intermedial interaction, which she believes is a vital next step for mainstream digital performance to thrive even beyond the pandemic.

Definitely not another Zoom room, this theatre-nerd-meets-Bill-Nye-the-Science-Guy event hopes to inspire with user-friendly, accessibly-priced technologies, demonstrating what’s possible with a little robot brains!

Suitable for beginner to intermediate digital and performing arts creators and either adapted-to-digital or designed-for-digital projects. Great for improving audience connection and engagement within adapted-to-digital work, and a fantastic opportunity to inspire new projects originating in physical-digital performance spaces.

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  • Liveshow, streaming on Twitch. Viewers may register an optional account if they wish, but this is not required for viewing. A Twitch account is required if you want to participate in the chat, however, and this is for security purposes. You can pre-register an account at: https://www.twitch.tv/
  • Automated closed captioning provided
  • A recording of the stream will be shared on Youtube later in the week (register on Eventbrite to be notified, edited closed captions will be included).
  • While there are strong visual components to the show (build and demo), there are auditory access points in host-audience conversation about digital dramaturgy, experience / interaction design, and making art in a pandemic. Audiences are encouraged to contribute to the conversation using the Twitch Chat feature, but are also welcome to participate by listening.
  • Rated for a General Audience. No content or trigger warnings at this time. Confirmation will be shared closer to the event via email, however no changes are anticipated.
  • Tone of the show: fun and educational
  • Free/by donation
  • If you have access needs that were not addressed or have further questions, please contact Angus Thomson (Apprentice Digital Producer): angust@savannaharvey.com