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May 15, 2021

Leonardo CripTech Incubator

Leonardo CripTech Incubator is an art-and-technology fellowship centered on disability innovation. Through 2022-2023, this incubator creates a platform for artists with disabilities to engage and remake creative technologies through the lens of accessibility. Across five residency sites in California in 2022, artists will have the opportunity to engage with a cohort of other disabled artists and a network of experts in technology and media to develop a project at the intersection of disability, art and technology that innovates new forms of aesthetic access.

Interested in becoming a CripTech Incubator artist? Submit to our call for artists. Round 1 will be open from 15 April - 15 May 2021. In Round 1, we will assess artist interest and eligibility to participate in CripTech Incubator. We will review and invite more detailed submissions in early June. Round 2 will be open from 1 June-15 July 2021. Finalists will be invited and announced in August.

How are you determining eligibility for artists based on disability? CripTech Incubator is for disabled artists. We are committed to broadly representing crip and disability culture, and thereby adopt an expansive view of disability as a cultural identity and as a way of being. We are interested in being as inclusive as possible, and do not subscribe to a particular definition, medical and/or legal framing of disability. For artists who are new to this space and/or community, we would love to work with artists across the spectrum of bodily, cognitive, and sensory differences and capacities. We will not require documentation or proof of disability. 

Do I have to live in California to be eligible? No, but since a number of these residencies do not provide housing and take place over longer periods in 2022, artists already local to these residency sites will be better placed to engage with them. Beall Center (Irvine) and SBCAST (Santa Barbara) residencies are best suited to out-of-state residents. Additionally, as this Incubator is primarily funded by the California Arts Council, we have a commitment to prioritize California-based artists in our overall cohort. We are not, however, limited by geography, and believe that out-of-state artists can contribute greatly to the program.

Are you accepting international artists? We are open to receiving proposals from international artists. Of our residencies, SBCAST and Beall Center are best equipped to support international artists. CripTech Incubator and our residency partners cannot sponsor visas, but we can provide supporting documents such as letters of acceptance and certificates of participation. Due to current budgetary restrictions, we cannot cover international travel, although all participating artists will receive a stipend.


Questions? Contact Vanessa Chang at vanessa@leonardo.info or call 415-322-0037.