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April 23, 2021

Disability Justice & Crip Technoscience: AI & The Future of Technology

Join AWN for a discussion with Damien Patrick Williams and Crystal Lee on disability justice interventions for racism and ableism in AI.

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are ubiquitous, affecting pretrial bail determinations, health care resource allocation, school admissions, credit reporting, hiring, and policing. For disabled people, technology has often both created and enabled greater access and also threatened to sever access while promoting eugenicist ideas about cures. What interventions do Disability Justice and the emergent field of crip technoscience (named first by Aimi Hamraie and Kelly Fritsch) make into conversations about AI and the future of technology? Where does “algorithmic fairness” or “algorithmic bias” fall short in addressing racism and ableism? 


We will provide ASL interpretation and CART captioning for this event, which participants will be able to join by video or phone.