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May 24, 2021

Call for Submissions: Bourses Tontine Awards

The Tontine Award is a free-spirited initiative that was created to support:

  • Creative expression – including literature, film, dance, theatre, visual art, music, cooking, fashion, and any other form of creative expression.
  • Women*
  • Community – successful projects will have some element of outreach or emphasis on building community (rather than personal/private consumption) 
  • Ottawa-Gatineau region – projects should aim to contribute to the vibrancy of the local area; this means we are a bilingual initiative!

The Tontine Award is inspired by women in francophone Africa who support themselves, their families and eachother through micro-finance cooperatives known as “tontines.”

If you would like to submit an application for a $1000 Tontine Award, please complete the application form during our call for applications in October or April every year. As the Tontine awards is a bilingual initiative, applications can be submitted in either French or English. Applications must be submitted in writing following the guidelines, but you can also include other supporting materials (in any format, including video, audio, photos, etc.). Note: Only fully completed applications will be considered.


We strongly encourage trans womxn, queer womxn, womxn of colour, womxn with disabilities, HIV + womxn, womxn of all ages, including young womxn, immigrant womxn, single mothers and people from marginalized genders to apply.