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May 28, 2021

Call for Applications: Producer

We are seeking a Producer to oversee Nightswimming’s operations and financial management, and collaborate with Artistic Director Brian Quirt on the leadership of the company as it moves into the post-pandemic performing arts landscape.

At Nightswimming, the creative partnership between Artistic Director and Producer is not a traditional Artistic Director – General Manager relationship, but rather an artistic collaboration that has been central to Nightswimming’s approach since the company was established. The Producer contributes to all of our dramaturgical undertakings and Brian plays an important role in the company’s administrative activities. The Producer’s role has always shifted depending on the person. There is an opportunity for you to shape the position, and for your vision to have direct impact on the company’s future activities and projects.

We want you to love the work we are creating, and to be part of envisioning the next phase of the company’s artistic life. We invite you to bring your full self – as producer, individual, audience member, storyteller – to the position. Our highly collaborative working process invites extensive consultation, welcomes other voices such as interns into our deliberations, and always prioritizes the needs of the artists we work with. We are particularly interested in applicants with a passion and track record for inclusive practices and working with artists from a wide variety of backgrounds, identities, and abilities.

The Producer works closely with the Artistic Director, both of whom report to the Board of Directors. The Producer is responsible, with the Artistic Director, for sustaining the creative and administrative vision of Canada’s only purely dramaturgical company. Producing on location and/or on tour, and attending conferences and festivals to promote the company’s work are important components of the position. Evening and weekend work will be required at times. The Producer must share and advocate for Nightswimming’s priorities of collaboration, partnership, mentorship, inclusion and commitment to long-term relationships with artists.


We welcome applicants of every identity, and especially encourage folx who identify as Women, Gender minorities, Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, 2SLGBTQ+, d/Deaf, Mad, Disabled/People with Disabilities, and/or Neurodiverse to apply.