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June 15, 2021

Call for Artists: Here and Queer

Hosted by Outsiders and Others

Featuring works by self-taught artists that identify as LBGTQIA2S+, or simply not straight.

Here and Queer / July 30 - August 29

How to apply:

  1. Email up to 6 images of artwork to be considered for an exhibition.
  2. The name of the image files should include your name and the title of the work, such as “1. Sam Stone– Outer Space”, “2. Sam Stone – Alien Family”.
  3. Include a list that describes the images you are sending in. This list should identify your images as you titled them. 
  4. Include a statement about yourself that includes your education, exhibition history, your interest in the exhibit theme, and how it relates to your artwork. 

 Email all your information to: outsidersandothers@gmail.com.


Outsiders and Others

716 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC, V6A 1R5, Canada

Email: outsidersandothers@gmail.com

Outsiders and Others is a not for profit arts society with a focus on bringing non-traditional artists to the forefront. This includes outsider, folk, self-taught, visionary, intuitive, and artists with disabilities.