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June 2, 2021

Face The Land with Kaoru Ryan Suzuki

Learn about the Face the Land nature-based performance art method, which includes land-based performance techniques, performance documentation methods, and a digital distribution strategy. We will discuss automated drone flight paths and multi-camera video rigs to document live performances for an online audience as well as deep-listening apparatuses using various microphones to work with augmented audio onsite. We will discuss a working solar-powered filmmaking model that was developed to produce digital films using the power of the sun.

Kaoru Suzuki uses performance art as a method of developing relationships with the land, water and spirit. Through producing land-based art works, interactive art-based digital tools, and publishing performances, Suzuki shares knowledge about interfacing with the land as an instructor, workshop facilitator and transdisciplinary artist. Suzuki has developed a comprehensive nature-based performance art method through interdisciplinary Masters-level research at the University of Manitoba, and is developing the practice and method through an upcoming interdisciplinary research-creation doctoral program.


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