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June 16, 2021

Call for Applications: Studio Facilitator

Artbeat Studio Inc. is seeking a passionate and committed team member for the position of Studio Facilitator for our Artists-in Residence program at 62 Albert Street. 

Artbeat Studio Inc. is a community-based, self-directed program that provides social supports, free studio/gallery space, and mentorship for individuals living with mental illness for the purpose of recovery and empowerment. Artbeat is committed to decreasing stigma and discrimination that coincides with mental illness and poverty through positive action, mental health education and advocacy. The Studio Facilitator reports directly to the Executive Director of Artbeat Studio Inc. 

At Artbeat, it is important to recognize that not all paths to recovery are the same. Coping mechanisms differ for each person, and could include substance use, medication or being opposed to medication, various therapies, or more. Artbeat operates in a framework of harm reduction, doing our best to support each artist’s recovery journey without dictating it – the Studio Facilitator plays a key role in creating this environment of support.

Deadline: June 16th


Artbeat Studio recognizes the importance of building an exemplary public service reflective of the citizens it serves, where diverse abilities, backgrounds, cultures, identities, languages and perspectives drive a high standard of service and innovation. Artbeat Studio supports equitable employment practices and promotes representation of designated groups (women, Indigenous people, persons with disabilities, visible minorities). If you are comfortable doing so, please self-declare if you identify as part of any of these groups in your cover letter.