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August 9, 2021 - August 19, 2021

Vines Art Festival 2021

Vines is an arts organization and festival that is responsive to and nurturing of artists that are working toward land, water, and relational justice. We support underrepresented voices in developing their work. We bring imagination into everyday spaces by presenting work for free on “earthstages” – populated and natural public spaces in Vancouver and throughout the province.

The festival is a free public event that creates platforms for local artists and performers to create with and on the land, steering their creative impulses toward work that focuses on the environment – whether a deep love of nature, sustainability, or climate justice.

We stage work in pedestrian, open-air settings so audiences will happen upon public art, finding delight in the unexpected beauty and power of the stunning Coast Salish Territory. We present a wide range of disciplines and cultures, reinforcing the reality that each art form and each community has a deep-rooted tie to the earth and a story to go along with it. Vines shares thought-provoking art that tackles environmental justice with various approaches that are inclusive of diverse ages, genders, abilities and cultures; granting each individual the possibility to access, engage, and participate in creation or performance.


Audio description

Our sonic performances are the most blind and low vision friendly, as they don’t have a video component. The sonic performances however are paired with illustrated maps of the parks that we work in. A voice recorded description of the maps will be available.

Our pre recorded video performances will unfortunately not have audio descriptions except for ‘Parts of Me” by All Bodies Dance. However many of these performances are focused on spoken word and music and can still be enjoyed without descriptions:

  • Freedom: Stories of Black Liberation
  • Fluidity: Bodies, Sound and Land
  • Resilient Roots

ASL interpretation

  • Opening Ceremony
  • The judging for our Eco Mini Ball


Our ‘Sonic Performances’ have been transcribed in english. You can find them along with the illustrated park maps!

Closed captions

All our video performances have been closed captioned in English.

Visual stories

These downloadable documents have information about getting to the parks, staff and performers, and what you can expect at the events. Content Notes for videos and sonic performances are available.

Gender Inclusivity

Vines Art Festival is made possible through work, creativity, and resilience from Two-Spirit, trans, non-binary and gender diverse people (2STNBGD). We strive to make space for our T2SNBGD audiences in our art and in the public spaces where we work.

Mobility Access

We have reached out to the Parks Board to ask about accessibility audits for parks and beaches. We hope to be able to provide full accessibility audits in the future. For now, our day by day accessibility section includes some basic notes for each of the spaces.